Board Members

The Board of Directors of MB Mission may include up to twelve members. Four members are appointed from the US MB Conference and four members are appointed from the Canadian MB Conference. Up to four additional members may be appointed by the board.

The current Board of Directors includes:

Brent Warkentin (Chair) Wichita, KS
Bruce Enns (Vice-Chair) Saskatoon, SK
Beatrice Pauls (Secretrary) Winnipeg, MB
Rick Reimer (Treasurer) Burnaby, BC
Al Dickens Williams Lake, BC
Ed Heinrichs St. Catharines, ON
Stephen Humber Omaha, NE
Bill Loewen Wichita, KS
David Marshall Burnaby, BC
Ruth Schale Bakersfield, CA
Lowell Stutzman Gold Hill, OR