From MB Mission to Multiply

We have been working together to understand what it means to live on One Mission – locally, nationally and globally. How do we learn together to live cross-cultural mission both here and around the world? In a world where mission is now “from everywhere to everywhere” church planters are learning from each other globally. The merger between MB Mission and C2C has opened the door for MB Mission to participate in new church-planting strategy conversations in North America and it has also given C2C opportunity to speak into strategy conversations with church conferences globally.

Following the merger, the MB Mission Board engaged in a strategic planning process to define the structure of this newly merged mission entity. As we talked to our global workers, staff and leaders within the International Community of Mennonite Brethren (ICOMB), we sensed that the Lord was inviting us into a new wine skin – a completely new global church-planting network called Multiply.

Multiply will continue to plant both MB churches and, as we are invited, assist other denominations in their church-planting strategies. Multiply will continue to be governed by the current MB Mission Board, which represents both the US and Canadian MB conferences. Multiply will continue to honor donor intent for donations that are designated either to global mission or to domestic church planting. However, Multiply will now offer an integrated local, national and global church-planting strategy to church structures and planning circles at the provincial/state, national and global levels and, most importantly, to our local supporting churches. Our prayer is that every Christ follower would be equipped to live and share the Gospel and every church would be involved in planting a church both locally and globally. Our new tagline for Multiply is: together that the world may know.

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Randy Friesen



Why did MB Mission and the C2C Network merge to become one agency?

This merger has brought local and global mission closer together at a time when the world of mission is changing. Some of the least-reached peoples of the world are moving to the West and the church of the Global South is emerging as a growing mission force. The false dichotomy between the work of “the church” and “missions” is being replaced by a growing understanding that God is on a mission and his missionary is the Church. Mission is now “from everywhere to everywhere.” The best of C2C’s church-planter support systems along with MB Mission’s contextual and holistic mission strategies have come together in one agency to more effectively help the world get to know Jesus.

What is the mission, ministry and governance of this merged agency?

Our mission is to facilitate church planting locally, nationally and globally. This is accomplished through making disciples, planting churches and growing partnerships with others who share this focus. The governance board of the combined agency will be the binational board of MB Mission representing the US and Canadian Conferences of MB Churches.

Why change the name to Multiply? When will this happen?

According to Jesus, those who abide in him will bear much fruit! As we humble ourselves and generously live and share the Gospel, like a seed that falls into the ground and dies, the impact is exponential. Multiply has been a word that God has been speaking into the strategy of MB Mission and C2C for a long time. We believe the whole church is called to live on mission and to multiply. We will officially launch as Multiply in January 2019, at which time we’ll communicate with our partners and supporters that we were formerly MB Mission and C2C Network.

Why the tagline, “Together that the world may know”?

We want to join with the prayer of Jesus that speaks of unity unto great harvest: “...that they may become perfectly one, so that the world may know that you sent me and loved them even as you loved me.” John 17:23 (ESV). Our tagline invites us to think differently about how we can work together so that many will hear the Gospel and believe.

How will funds be used and when should donations go to Multiply?

Donors and partners of MB Mission and C2C Network can continue to invest exclusively in the scope of those agencies by donating to Multiply and designating their gift to Global (outside N.A.) Church Planting or North American Church Planting. Gifts to Multiply can also be designated to fund the ministry of specific people and/or projects. Donations made to MB Mission or C2C Network will continue to fund the previous scope of those agencies.

What does it mean that Multiply is MB-based, serving multi-denominationally?

We serve the MB family in planting MB churches and yet we have also been invited to serve the broader Church in order to see millions of people encounter Jesus. Our theological foundation is rooted in the MB Confession of Faith and yet we partner with anyone whose goal is to effectively reach lost people with the good news of Jesus. Three shared values form the “glue” for our working relationships together: Gospel-centered, Spirit-led and mission-focused.