The Assignment Phase is the heartbeat of ACTION. This is where you take what you have learned and apply it to your ministry. Whether you serve in sports outreaches, children's or youth ministries - yours and the lives of others will be forever changed.

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On your ministry assignment, you and your team of 5-8 will serve with long-term missionaries and local churches as you join in God's ministry and participate in community transformation. The ministry will depend on the country you go, but will include intercessory prayer, creative outreach and compassion initiatives. As you engage in people's lives and partner with God, transformation will happen within you as well. 

ACTION USA 2016 will offer 3 Week and a 6 Week Tracks. The only difference is the length of time spent on ASSIGNMENT. 

Please note that locations listed are subject to change.

3 Week Track Assignments

Chiang Mai, Thailand 

This team will join local missionary Cynthia Friesen and a local Thai church in reaching out to their neighbors and community in Chiang Mai. Activities could include Bible studies/English lessons at a girl's juvenile detention center, gathering children and helping with a soccer or English camp at a local school, sharing testimonies or a word from Scripture with the community of believers, encouraging Khumu believers at a nearby village.

Chonburi, Thailand (The Life Center)

The Life Center is the first MB Church in Central Thailand. Your team will be joining pastors Ozz & Sara, and church members in developing new relationships with their community and share the love of Jesus with them. The main ministry will be helping the church build relationships with working adults in a new apartment condos through teaching English and hosting a "cultural exchange" night. You will also have opportunities to teach English and Bible stories at a new Kids Club, share testimonies or a message on Sunday with the church, and help the church with practicle needs like building a roof over their outdoor kitchen, a fense around the property and other things to help them prepare for a preschool they are starting this year. 

Chonburi, Thailand ("Monkey Mountain") 

Come serve the Lord in beautiful Chonburi! The community of "Monkey Mountain" is a mixture of Thai fishermen and Cambodian and Burmese factory workers. You will be helping our new church plant and long-term workers, Ricky & Karen Sanchezin this unreached village on the sea by hosting a VBS for the children, going on prayer walks through the community, and sharing your faith with those you meet.

Other ministry opportunities could include teaching English at a local elementary school, activities with the HIV+ kids at Abundant Life Home, praying for patients at a cancer center, prayer walking through Pataya's red light district and potentially joining a pastor for a mini-VBS on a trip to Cambodia!

Chachoengsao, Thailand 

Come join the Hope Center Church and Sandy Fender in Chachoengsao in engaging local university students with the Gospel through English! Your team will be hosting an English camp at the University and sharing your faith with the students as you build relationship with them. As a team, you will think outside the box and use your gifts to help the students practice speaking English through activities like sports, games, music, baking/cooking, line dancing, puppets, art - the sky is the limit! 

You will have have opportunities to share your testimony and the Good News with students, walk alongside and disciple the youth of the church as you serve with them, and help the church community in service projects. 

6 Week Track Assignments

Central Asia

In response to the refugee crisis in Central Asia, this team will be bringing love, hope and peace to those most in need. They may also visit local church planting missionary teams and serve alongside them in various outreaches.

Because of the nature of ministry in this country, team members must be mature in their faith, have cross-cultural experience, and be 20 years or older. Please contact us for more information. 

Lisbon, Portugal

This team will be focusing on outreach and evangelism in the city of Lisbon. You will work with Portuguese church planter, Marques Mendes, and missionaries, Otto & Marjorie Ekk, to share the hope in Jesus that has transformed your life.  You will meet new people and join the church in various outreach opportunites including camps for children & youth and an English camp. Helping with logistics, sharing your testimonies, leading games, and building relationships with the kids and youth are all included in this assignment!

Piene, Germany 

The focus of the team to Peine will be a soccer skills camp and outreach events. You can expect to be a part of marketing, service projects, and preparing for logistics as you get ready for the camp. The soccer camp will take place in the mornings of the second week where you will teaching soccer skills and engage with kids. Finally, you will join the church in evening outreach events where you will help prepare food, share testimonies, share your talents, and engage with people in games and activities. 

Through each activity - logistical preparation, soccer camp, and outreach events - your goal is to help the church and local missionaries, Tony & Roxanna Petersen, provide an avenue where families come into a saving relationship with Jesus and see their lives transformed.

 Piura, Peru

This team will join missionaries, Stacy Kuhns and Joanna Chapa in loving Jesus and loving others as they partner with the local church in reaching out to their community through evangelism, kids and youth ministry, and outreach in an impoverished neighborhood. Participants will learn to disciple others as they are discipled by the missionaries, learn how to relate to and serve people in extreme poverty without creating dependence, and grow in their love for God, for others, and for the world. 


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Program Details

Dates:3 week program June 24 - July 17
6 week program June 24 - August 4
Cost: $3000 - $4500
(Depending on flight costs)
Age: 17 and older
Registration Deadline: April 30, 2016

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