Before returning home, you will spend time debriefing your mission experience. This phase is still part of your mission trip as you and your team will attempt to understand what God said and is saying to you. This is a time to rest, recover and make sense of an amazing time in mission. It will be a time to process and celebrate what God has done. Emphasis is placed on bringing closure to your experiences and affirming principles and commitments that can be transferred to your own communities. Debrief takes a number of forms and occurs during Solo Time, Team Time and General Sessions, and times of retreat. Please note that debriefing is absolutely necessary to maximize your mission experience, and will be very affirming to your entire team. We want to send you back to your home church and community with a great plan to continue growing as a disciple. All 3-week mission trips will have DEBRIEF in the country where ASSIGNMENT is done.

Your experiences at ACTION will most  likely be more than you could have ever experienced in the same time frame at home.  Hence, we strongly encourage you to continue debriefing at home, individually, with your mentor and with your team.  As noted in our Pre-Program Training (Orientation) section, each participant will receive a Goer Guide.  The last four chapters (7-11) of this book guide you in returning home.  The chapters highlight common pitfalls of short-term missionaries and how to share your experiences with your family, friends and church. A solid mentor will be able to walk and pray with you when you get back home.

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Program Details

June 20 - July 12, 2018 (3 weeks)
Approximate Cost: $3500 - $4500 USD
Age: 17 and older
Registration Deadline: April 30, 2018

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