5n2 Ventures

This is a program aimed to train and resource aspiring entrepreneurs. We begin by locating people who are already moving in this direction, using what little they have to get their small business started. We’re trying to model what Jesus did at the feeding of the five thousand when a boy offered what he had – five loaves of bread and two fish. It seemed like a meager amount in light of the need, but Jesus blessed this boy’s act of faith and multiplied the boy’s offering to fulfill his purposes.

We’ve been applying this model in the Democratic Republic of Congo, a country that is rich in beauty and mineral wealth but whose people are some of the poorest in the world. MB Mission has been working alongside local Congolese churches as they face the challenges of unjust violence and stifling poverty. Within this context, many in the churches have the skills to generate sustainable livelihoods through small business and entrepreneurship, but they often lack the support and capital needed to get such a venture off the ground.

The goal of 5n2 Ventures is to see kingdom-oriented businesses take root which will allow the Churches to move out of dependency and support their own outreach in a way that is natural and sustainable.

Initially, funds are needed as we work with our local partners to provide training and resourcing for these fledgling businesses. Longer term, our goal is to network like-minded business people from North America in order to encourage, mentor and exchange ideas. As these local businesses develop, North American supporters will have the opportunity to collaborate with them in their business ventures, either through business partnerships or venture capital investment by way of a simple web-based loan contribution.

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5n2 Ventures