Asset-Based Community Development

Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD) represents a new and innovative approach to Community Development that turns the old model on its head. Instead of seeing a half-empty glass of poverty, brokenness and need, we are approaching the poor as people of potential with vessels overflowing with vision, skills, and resourcefulness.

When the poor are given responsibility and ownership to control their own development process, there is a far greater chance of success. ABCD aims to get beneath the surface of project inputs, outputs and outcomes, to deal with the more fundamental issues of hope, dignity, and spiritual transformation that lie at the core of development.

Through this project, local leaders are trained to spearhead the development process within their own church communities. Using the tools of ABCD, their goal is to help these churches reflect on God’s unique calling for their community and mobilize them into action.

So far, the principles of ABCD have been shared with key leaders in Congo and Angola. These leaders are adapting and using the tools within their own context. This is a paradigm shift for many in the church. Instead of depending on donors or government, they are depending on themselves as a community to achieve the goals they have set for themselves.

Having begun in Africa, we envision taking this model to Asia and Latin America in the coming years.

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Asset-Based Community Development