After a 27 year civil war that ended in 2002, Angola is still experiencing the devastating effects of the conflict. Believers face many challenges, but are actively rebuilding the country and their lives. The Angolan MB Conference is growing as national workers reach out to their communities with the Gospel and a message of justice and peace.


Austria is famous for its music, art and beautiful scenery, all things that can point to God's glory. However, Austrians need a personal faith in Christ. 75 percent of Austrians call themselves Christians, but 80 percent have been involved in the occult and only 3 percent of the younger generation attends church. Evangelical churches are small and few in number and pastors for these congregations are needed. MB Mission has been working in Austria for over twenty years. The vision for our Austrian churches is to see strong, motivated and spiritually vibrant national leaders rise up to serve.


Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world in population and land size. With around 195 million in population, the average Brazilian age is 27 years old. Most Brazilians are open-minded, spiritually speaking, and would consider themselves Catholic by birth, but not in practice. Many people do not know Jesus personally and have yet to experience the life and joy that He offers to all.

The Brazilian MB conference is the largest in Latin America. MB Mission partners with programs that reach out to underprivileged children, emerging church plants, and leadership training in the Brazil MB Church.

Burkina Faso

Although the prominent religion in Burkina Faso is Islam, MB Mission workers and partners have begun to see the fruit of many years of faithful work in Scripture translation. This work has been seeing steady progress and God continues to open doors for the sharing of the Good News in the village of N'Dorola and the surrounding area. Many people are coming to know Jesus and churches are being planted among an unreached people group called the Nanerige.


Colombia retains its reputation for being one of the most violent countries in the world. Despite its history of guerrilla, paramilitary and drug-related forces imposing control on many areas of the nation, the church is growing rapidly in this context.

This small but vibrant national conference of 1,800 members is reaching outside of itself in amazing ways. MB Mission partners with ICHM (the Colombian MB Conference) through outreach to displaced people, leadership scholarships, work with new MB churches, and sending Colombian missionaries to other countries.

Democratic Republic of Congo

North American MB missionaries first reached the shores of the Belgian Congo in 1912. Since that initial church-planting endeavor, the denomination has grown to a population of over 85,000 believers representing upwards of 650 congregations. The missionary torch has long since been passed into the hands of indigenous believers.

While statistics show that 95% of the population is Christian, only 19% are declared Evangelicals, and significant portions of the population have yet to hear the Gospel. MB Mission is serving alongside Congolese workers who aim to reach their communities through evangelism, leadership training, and development projects focused on health, education, and business.

East Asia

Beliefs in shamanism, traditional ethnic superstitions, and even occult practices are common in East Asia. The truth of Jesus Christ is needed as many people are seeking answers. While the church in East Asia has expanded rapidly in the past 20 years, the biggest challenge is to disciple this young, growing church.

Information on MB Mission workers in sensitive regions is not listed on the website for security reasons. For questions, contact the MB Mission office at 1-866-964-7627 or email our office.


Famous for its bread, cheeses and wines, France is a top tourist destination for many North Americans. For the developing world, however, it has been a different kind of destination: a place that welcomed immigrants. You are now 5 times more likely to meet a Muslim (10% of the population) than an evangelical disciple of Jesus (2%) in almost any city in France. With a growing population of North African immigrants, French society is becoming increasingly polarized between secularism and Islam. MB Mission workers are partnering with local believers in evangelistic outreach through worship, evangelism and media production throughout Europe, the Middle East and North Africa.


Germany has a rich history of Christianity. But today, many people in Germany do not have a relationship with Jesus. Some people refer to this era in German history as the "post-Christian era." In the midst of this reality however, Christian workers have found openness from many people to hear the message of the Gospel. MB Mission is partnering with Bavarian and German MB Conferences to train leaders and strengthen church plants.


India is a fascinating country of contrasts and extremes. There are apparently more millionaires in India than in America. There are also hundreds of millions of people who live in abject poverty. There is a huge amount of spiritual hunger in this nation, with people engaging in religions of all sorts.

MB Mission continues to build on a strong foundation of over 100 years of ministry in India. There is a strong MB Conference in South India. However, in the Northern states, there are more unreached people groups than anywhere else in the world. National and international missionaries are reaching out to people in North India who have never heard the Gospel.


Japan is a very wealthy country with a highly efficient, highly diversified, and very competitive economy. The Japanese people are polite and hardworking, and many spend time pursuing material things, higher education, or advancement in their company. Most Japanese are not active spiritually but their lives are deeply influenced by Shinto and Buddhist customs, practices, and beliefs. There is a great need for the Gospel as only about one percent of Japanese people are Christians and there is only one church for every 16,000 people.

The Japan MB conference (JMBC) was founded just after WWII and now has over 1,500 members in over 25 congregations. MB Mission partners with the JMBC by sending English instructors to teach classes as part of the churches' evangelical outreach vision. Church planting has also been the center of our partnership.


Fewer than one percent of Lithuanians are evangelical Christians. Although the church is growing, the lack of trained leaders is a significant issue facing the church. MB Mission is engaged in leadership training through Lithuania Christian College (LCC) and Evangelical Bible Institute, social ministry to youth from troubled homes, and church planting with the Free Christian Church of Lithuania.


Malawi is a small land-locked country in southeast Africa that got its independence in 1964. Although it has struggled economically for many years and is known to be one of the poorest nations in Africa, it has recently been enjoying new political stability under President Joyce Banda, elected in early 2012. Christians number about 80% of the population and the Gospel has penetrated most sections of society, although the Church in Malawi constantly faces the challenges of syncretism. Elements of tribal religions and folk Islam are prominent in the lives of many people. One of the greatest challenges facing the church continues to be in the area of Biblical education and leadership training.


While Evangelical Christianity is strong and flourishing in some regions of Mexico, there are a number of provinces and people groups in Mexico where less than 2 percent of the population is Christian. MB Mission workers are spreading the Good News by planting churches, discipling believers and training leaders in Guadalajara, and church planting among the Mixtec peoples of southern Mexico.

N Africa

N Africa is home to many people groups who have never heard the Gospel. It is not easy to be a Christian in this context as believers frequently face persecution for their faith. Through radio, television, the internet, and printed materials, MB Mission is involved in the evangelism and ongoing discipleship of Arabic speaking faith communities around the world.

Information on MB Mission workers in sensitive regions is not listed on the website for security reasons. For questions, contact the MB Mission office at 1-866-964-7627 or email our office.


Gang and drug culture are prevalent in Panama and many young people are disillusioned with traditional churches. MB Mission is involved in church support and leadership training in urban areas and among rural indigenous groups. With a small MB conference of 15 congregations, leadership training is especially important for the future of the church in Panama.


Paraguay is home to unreached indigenous groups who are in need of the truth of Jesus Christ. Our primary areas of mission in Paraguay are among these groups as well as the Spanish and German speaking MB conferences. The Indian Bible Institute (IBI) is training indigenous people to be church planters and leaders so that they can bring the Good News to their communities.


With nearly 50 indigenous ethic groups, Peru is a nation of vibrant and rich cultural diversity. Peru is famous for being home to one of the 7 wonders of the world (Machu Picchu), its local cuisine, and beautiful landscapes. With 81 percent of the population being Catholic, and only 12.5 percent Evangelical Christian, MB missionaries and their national ministry partners in both the North and South are challenged daily to present a relationship with Jesus in a relevant and dynamic way through personal discipleship relationships.

MB Mission is excited to see the growing maturity of the MB conference in Peru. Members from various congregations are planting daughter churches and starting ministries of their own among the marginalized. MB Mission workers are coming alongside the MB Conference in Peru in support, capacity building, encouragement and discipleship.


With a population of about 92 million people, the Philippines is the world's twelfth most populous country. It is incredibly diverse and multiple ethnicities and cultures are found throughout the islands. The Catholic Church is extremely influential in the Philippines, and there is also a Muslim minority that is seeking to set up an independent Islamic state in the south. Over the past 30 years, there has been growth in the number of evangelical churches.

The Philippines represents a relatively new area of ministry that MB Mission has entered into in Asia. With a three-pronged approach focusing on church planting, encouraging established congregations, and leadership development among the rural poor, MB Mission hopes to facilitate short-term teams with long-term planning and strategy. TREK and DMI teams have recently been involved in evangelism and church planting and have been encouraged to see and join in what God is doing in the Philippines.


Portugal was ruled under a dictatorship for nearly 50 years in the 20th century. This was a season with very little religious freedom. Democracy was restored in 1974. Despite greater religious and political freedom since 1975, many people are still bound up in old traditions of paganism and the occult. Secular humanism and materialism are also major influences in Portuguese culture. The truth of Jesus Christ is needed to bring light and freedom in Portugal. MB Mission workers serve with several church plants and are also involved in leadership training and mentoring.

SE Asia

Despite restrictions and persecution, the church is growing rapidly in southeast Asia. There are still many people groups that have yet to hear the Gospel and Christians face frequent opposition. MB Mission resources churches in southeast Asia through leadership and discipleship training, church building projects, radio ministry, and social ministries to develop the whole community.

Information on MB Mission workers in sensitive regions is not listed on the website for security reasons. For questions, contact the MB Mission office at 1-866-964-7627 or email our office.

South Africa

Many pastors in South Africa have little education and some churches are still heavily influenced by traditional, animistic beliefs. There is a great need for solid Bible teaching and for the training of Christian leaders. MB Mission's church plant in Durban is focused on ministry to youth and refugees. Local pastors hope to plant more churches in other parts of South Africa.


Thailand is a predominantly Buddhist nation. It is a challenge for Thais to convert to Christianity because their religion and nationality are so closely connected. Thailand has been a kingdom since the 13th century, and is currently ruled by a strong and popular king. But the King of the Universe is also at work in the kingdom of Thailand, and missionaries have seen many people come to saving faith in Jesus. MB Mission has a number of church planting teams in various locations in Thailand involved in evangelism, social ministries, and leadership training.


The church in Ukraine has doubled in size since Ukraine gained independence in 1991. Millions of Christians were killed during the communist era, but the church has survived and is stronger than before. MB Mission is involved with church planting in Ukraine by providing pastoral support for churches and sending missionaries.


MB Mission has missionaries and projects that focus on multiple regions around the world. These projects are classified as Worldwide.