You must be a professing Christian. Contact us and you will receive an information packet. You will also be asked to provide your Christian testimony to DMI for translation into the language of the region where you will serve. Your physical health should be good, as there can be much walking.

If you believe a short term mission is some thing you have been wanting to experience, this could be the opportunity God wants for you. You will shine as an ambassador for Jesus as you go "to the ends of the earth" (Acts 1:8). As you look at our Assignment page, you see several campaigns for which you can apply. We take applications at any time but must have applications at our office 90 days before a campaign starts. 

Team Registration

Deadline: 90 days before campaign

Deposit: $200 with return of application

For an application or information packet please contact us. You will be sent a packet containing registration forms.There will be forms for pastoral endorsement, character reference and your personal testimony. All testimonies will be translated into local languge(s) that the DMI North Americans will go, (if applicant accepted) Please contact Liz Nickel for application or questions.

pdf Click here to download DMI Application form. 520.85 Kb

pdf Click here to download DMI Application form if you have already gone on a DMI program (alumni form). 88.07 Kb