Disciple Making International (DMI) has seen thousands of people find a relationship with Christ through teams who share their faith stories alongside national believers. You will visit homes around the local church, share your testimony with the help of your local partner,and present the plan of salvation. For those who respond to the gospel in a positive way, you will return for a follow-up lesson. If you haven't had the experience of leading someone to Christ -why wait? Amazingly, many Christians have not had that experience.

You will experience real local culture, as you go into homes, build relationships with your partners, and attend worship services. See for yourself the splendor of God in a another part of the world. DMI participates in regions where there is long-term vision and support structures that enable discipleship to continue after your team has left. You will be assisting an already viable ministry in growing the local church. One of our desires is to work close and build bonds with the M.B. churches overseas.

Program Structure:
DMI Campaigns are two to three weeks long, are offered throughout the year and in different locations.  Each campaign is broken down into three sections:
Orientation (1 day): Personal, team and ministry training before and or at field destination
Assignment (2 to 2.5 weeks): International ministry (i.e. evangelism, discipleship, etc.)
(1 day): Personal and team closure and preparation for return home.

Participant Requirements: DMI is open to individuals who are 18 years and older, and also families.  Each applicant should be a professing Christian.

Cost: $2300 - $3600 CAD. For more information, visit our Assignment page.