Lifting Rice

Multiply your gift! Provide the seed funding to start a small business.

Whoever sows generously will reap generously.

2 Corinthians 9:6

A sustainable livelihood is the ability to cover your expenses with the income you earn. In many least-reached regions around the world, pastors, health workers and church leaders work extremely hard to serve God’s church, yet they earn no income from this work.

Many families in ministry teeter on the brink of abject poverty. They have employable skills, but need a small seed fund to start a business to provide for their financial needs while they continue their Kingdom work.

Give to a project where your investment will have a multiplying effect! People’s lives are changed as we invest in small business and micro enterprise, farming endeavors, and resources for church planting that lead to growth and expansion in God’s kingdom.

At the Changed Life Center (CLC) in Northern Thailand, MB Mission has invested in a small farm, hoping it will grow larger. The three pigs we initially bought have now produced seventeen piglets! Thirteen goats and a ram will also provide food for the forty high school students at the CLC as well as income to complete other projects at this site. One of the Khmu staff evangelists is overseeing the project on his own land. He will receive a portion of the farm profits, enabling him to continue to support the work of the village church and to help students who desire to pursue a Bible college education. We hope this farm will be self-sustaining in the next two years!


Here’s how you can help:

$50 provides things like seeds to grow pepper crops to feed the family and sell at market.

$120 purchases essential equipment like a sewing machine to help start a small business.

$200 buys a mama pig for a rural family. Once the pig has babies, a pig farm is started!

$300 covers start-up costs for a rural pastor to construct a fish pond rearing thousands of fish each year. Income supports the pastor’s family and church ministries, and a third portion is saved or re-invested into the project.

$650 provides a scooter for a pastor, evangelist or health care worker to travel rough roads into remote villages. Without these visits, many rural families would never have access to spiritual or physical care.