How will you give Christmas away this year?

As Christmas approaches, people are looking for ways to be involved in meaningful gift-giving.

At MB Mission, we believe that there’s much more to Christmas than shallow commercialism. We believe that Christmas is a celebration of generosity, love and risk-taking obedience.

Give Christmas Away is a multi-faceted campaign that provides people with a variety of opportunities to be involved in God’s mission during the Christmas season. It’s sort of like our Christmas catalogue.

We want to provide you with opportunities that re-connect you with the true message of Christmas about a God of love who sent his Son into the world to save us from our sin.

The three buttons to the right will allow you to explore different ways of getting involved through giving, praying and going.

Give Christmas Away, Thailand 2013

Hear about how the Rempel family gave up their Christmas in Manitoba to give it away in Thailand, and learn about the rich blessings they received in return.

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