11:30 AM

Malee forced herself to sit up, at exactly 11:30 AM. The house was quiet and still. Weak and shaking, she stretched out her open hands, as if ready to receive a gift.

“She promised,” Malee thought to herself. “Hla Hla Nwei promised that she and the church would pray for me right now, at 11:30 AM.” And so, sick but full of faith, this Buddhist woman sat in her bed and waited for Jesus to come and heal her.

Malee was confident that her friend would not forget her promise. They had first met in the factory where they both worked, and Hla Hla had shown great concern about Malee’s poor health. Hla Hla shared many stories about the power of God, and how God answered prayers, clearly wanting all of the workers at the factory to experience a revelation of God in their own lives, too.

Then there was one week when Malee was so sick that she could not go to work. She laid at home, unable to even move. All her strength was gone. To her astonishment, Hla Hla came to visit her that Saturday, and told her more about Jesus. As she spoke, Malee felt hope begin to stir in her heart. ‘When you go to church tomorrow,” she asked weakly, “Can you get everyone at church to pray for me?’ Hla Hla promised that she would do this, and that they would begin to pray at 11:30 AM. Now, sitting feebly on her bed that Sunday, Malee was waiting for the promise to be fulfilled, waiting for Jesus. Malee had a weak body, but her faith in that moment was strong.

At exactly 11:30 AM, the congregation of the Bo Thong church began to intercede for Malee. They prayed that she would be healed, and that she would understand who Jesus is. At that same moment, Malee felt God touch her, and suddenly found herself able to get up for the first time in days!

It was not until the following week that Hla Hla was able to see Malee again. She could hardly contain her excitement. She was healed! All that Hla Hla had told her about Jesus was true!

“Now I can go with you,” she said. “We will visit people together, share about Jesus, and pray for others in our community!”

By Adrienne Penner