God is transforming lives in mission and we would like to share these stories of transformation with you. Read about God's work in the stories from our missionaries and short term mission teams.

It’s not easy to find comfort when you lose someone that you love, especially when you had been so excited about what God was doing through that person’s life. 

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On a recent trip to Southeast Asia, I met a pastor named Peter who was formerly a shaman, meaning that he gave himself to manipulating the spirits on behalf of others

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At our women’s conference, we had a wide variety of women attend, many of whom had no church background. 

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One of our workers in North Africa told us about five female university students who recently became followers of Jesus in his country. Having been rejected by their families, these young women have all paid a high price for their faith.

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“Immigration!” the men yelled as they grabbed Tuchone. They twisted his arm behind his back, pounded on his chest and said something to him in Thai that he couldn’t understand.

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One day while Zahir was selling sweet pancakes on the streets in Thailand, a Burmese woman came up to him and told him that God loved him and that Jesus Christ died for his sins. Initially, he wasn’t interested. Zahir was raised in a devout Muslim household. 

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Over the past year, we’ve been resourcing a team of local believers that travels into the Sahara desert on camels to share the Gospel with nomads. They are connected with one of our teams in Europe that supports them.

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“I bought new shoes for my trip to Peru,” said Paul Castillo, a pastor from California. He was on a team with several others from the US that went to Peru to encourage church leaders. 

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There’s a saying in Thai that describes people of authority and influence; they’re called “big-signature people.” They are people of power in society like government leaders and business executives.

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For some of our workers who live in Muslim countries or Muslim neighborhoods, the month of Ramadan is a very special time.

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