Gai & Gaye-o

Gai and Gaye-o first heard about the power of God when Gai was dying in the hospital with AIDS. A Christian nurse prayed for him and he immediately felt better. Because of his ill health, he had not been able to work for three years. His family often had no money for food and their poor squatter’s house left them cold and wet from the rain. But after Gai and Gaye-o gave their lives to Christ, Gai’s health improved so dramatically that he was released from the hospital. He prayed for work and God answered his prayer immediately. For the first time in three years he was able to provide for his family.

Two years later, Gai and Gaye-o are now one of our Bethel Cell group leaders. Before they knew Christ, many people in their community despised and rejected their family because they have HIV. Now, Gai and Gaye-o are the talk of their community. All the kids love to play at their house! They have been blessed to help lead over 30 kids and adults to know Christ in their home. They love to tell people, “God has performed many miracles for us! If God has the power to help people with AIDS, he has the power to help you too!”