No Accident

When MB Mission’s summer ACTION team to Lithuania ministered to children at an Arts and Crafts camp, they learned that despite language barriers, God is doing a transforming work as he melts a generation of hearts that have been left cold by Soviet rule.

The Lithuania team spent 10 days assisting with a fine arts camp run by the local Free Christian church. Not only was it a great opportunity to make connections with the children, but the team also saw God’s mighty hand at work amongst the national leaders. The camp was split up into teams of seven kids and two leaders – one Lithuanian, and one Canadian. Though this meant many on the team were left stranded without a translator during games and crafts, they learned that God is the ultimate communicator. He had a message for one of the Lithuanian leader that didn’t require translation because it was spoken directly to the heart.

When one of the national camp leaders fell ill, one ACTION team member, Naomi, took the initiative to pray over her and ask God for healing. Although she didn’t fully understand Naomi’s prayer, the Lithuanian girl was moved to tears by her act of faith and compassion. The team then found out that this leader wasn’t a believer. She wasn’t even supposed to be working at the church camp that week. She said it was an “accident” that she was there.

The ACTION team saw it differently. They knew that this was no accident and that God placed her at that camp to reach out to her and draw her to himself. Naomi and her teammate Jessica spent some time praying and listening to God, and speaking words of encouragement into the girl’s life. Praise God that his hand is over every circumstance and that he orchestrates all events for his glory. God desires that the nations will know him, and he will go to great lengths or make even the slightest of alterations just to give his people a chance to respond to his love. Pray that the “accidental” Lithuanian camp leader would hear and understand the many ways that God is speaking to her right now!