Vision for Mission

Vision for Mission is a newsletter from Randy Friesen, General Director of MB Mission. Randy highlights recent worldwide stories and events that will help you build a vision for mission.

Helen (not her real name) works as a cleaning lady in a factory in a remote part of Central Asia.

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At my local church, we print the attendance and giving stats on the backside of the bulletin each week. My first impulse every Sunday is to flip to the back and check out last week’s stats.

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The current World Cup (of soccer) has highlighted the dormant tribal identities of many North Americans. A quick look at the attire of staff in our MB Mission office indicates that the ethnic loyalties of Dutch, German, Brazilian and Mexican fans are still active in our midst.

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Recently, I was in Angola for meetings of the International Community of Mennonite Brethren (ICOMB). We were joined by several leaders from the Ethiopian Mennonite conference of churches (MKC) who shared the story of their church.

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