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Vision for Mission is a newsletter from Randy Friesen, General Director of MB Mission. Randy highlights recent worldwide stories and events that will help you build a vision for mission.

I was recently introduced to an adult education class of retirees for a presentation on mission strategy. The class leader introduced me as the leader of MBMSI. I could tell he felt relieved to have remembered the five letters in correct order. He then began to spell out the acrostic as Mennonite Brethren Missions…..before his voice trailed off and he looked to me for assistance. I laughed (as I always do in this situation) and finished the introduction with “and Service International”.

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I was recently with our media team in C*iro and spent some time with a poor garbage collector I met in a "cave church" that had been featured on one of our satellite programs. This garbage collector shared how Jesus had freed him from addictions and given him something to live for.

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In the Middle East, there is a country of over 70 million people with only 3050 evangelical Believers, one of the lowest percentages in the world. There is a mosque for every 350 people, the highest percentage in the world. This is a young Church with many testifying to meeting Jesus through dreams and visions.

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I've been reading an interesting book called "Three Cups of Tea" which tells the true story of the community development work of Greg Mortenson in Northern Pakistan and Afghanistan. Greg's attempt to climb K2, the world's second-highest mountain, with a team was hampered by bad weather near the summit.

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Physical slavery is prevalent around the world; it takes many forms. Individuals and people groups are in bondage. Guest speaker, Randy Friesen has seen the amazing power of the Gospel to bring freedom to the oppressed. In our own lives, we can find ourselves enslaved – to sin and to fear. How can we be free? Knowing who we are in Christ is vital to our freedom.
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