2020 Movement Vision Summit

The Vision Summit is a discipleship event designed to cast vision and equip leaders for local, national and global mission. These identical vision-casting weekends provide a space to engage with the Holy Spirit in community and to learn from and discern with speakers and mission leaders in order to continue to discover the Kingdom assignments God has for us.

Vision Summit 2015 photo album

What is the 2020 Movement?

In May of 2015, a group of nearly 20 leaders from the Midwest came together for 3 days to talk and pray about what we each saw the Lord doing in our midst. What was undeniable is that God was already awakening a "missionary" fervor and calling out leaders for ministry locally, nationally and globally. To join what God is doing, the 2020 Movement was born: MB Mission in partnership with regional leaders and churches is helping to call out leaders into God's mission locally, nationally and globally. 

Who is the Summit for? 

The Summit is for disciples (college and above) who desire to intentionally seek and listen for their next step of faith and obedience in God's mission locally, nationally and globally. They may be serving in a disciple-making role already, or know that one is still out there for them. The Summit provides space to listen and discern in community with others around calling and disciple-making. 

What should I expect at the Vision Summit?

  • A welcoming and lively environment of followers of Jesus, worshiping, praying, being instructed, and listening to the Spirit together.
  • A cadre of experienced and fruitful leaders who are ready to help resource, coach and discern with participants as they hear from the Lord.
  • A stretching and challenging time where you will likely be pushed beyond your comfort zone.
  • Ample opportunities to hear from God through the Word, engage the Holy Spirit through prayer, and discuss with others in a small group.
  • English
  • Français

Event Details

2020 Movement Vision Summit

Dates: Oct 12-14, 2018
Location: Oasis Ranch & Retreat Center
Cost: $75
Registration Deadline: October 1, 2018