South Africa

Nsulunka, Baudouin and Marie-Brigette

Country: South Africa

Baudouin and Marie-Brigette are missionaries from the MB conference in South Africa and are the pastor couple for the Durban MB Church. They are involved in teaching, training, and reaching out in the community. Their hope is to soon plant another MB church in South Africa.

Project #: C0280
Home Church: Ngaba MB Church, Kinshasa, DR Congo
Birthdates: Baudouin (May 15), Marie-Brigette (July 25), Priscille (April 22, 1989), Joseph-Joel (May 20, 1991), Silas (May 10, 1999)

Prayer Requests:

  • For strength and joy in ministry
  • For continued passion and vision to plant more churches in South Africa
  • That there will be closeness and unity in their family

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