Ouellette, Greg and Becky

Country: Thailand

Greg and Becky are part of the Operation 2nd Wave (O2W) team that has started a church plant in Phuket City. They have a ministry centre to meet needs in their community and are also active in outreach and evangelism. They provide Bible study and discipleship training for those growing in their knowledge and love for the Lord. Their hope is to see not only a growing cell church, but a movement of cell churches in and around Phuket.

Greg and Becky are excited about the small group of believers and seekers that they gather with each Saturday evening. They spend time each week with people at various stages of their journey towards God. With some, they spend time reading the Bible and praying. With others, they encourage them to attend their weekend service, to "taste and see that God is good". With still others, they have the opportunity to build relationship through teaching English, or spending time with them in some other way, always with the goal in mind of sharing their lives, and thus, the Gospel, with them.

Project #: C0497
Home Church: Northview Community Church
Birthdates: Greg (December 21), Becky (March 7), Caleb (June 4, 1996), Emma (January 7, 1998), Luke (September 22, 2001), Silas (August 1, 2003)

Prayer Requests:

  • That the Ouellette family would listen to God and trust him in all things
  • That their team would grow in love, unity and purpose
  • For protection and provision for each of their kids
  • For the new believers (email them to ‘adopt’ 1 or 2 to pray for by name)


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