Sanchez, Ricky & Karen

Country: Thailand

Ricky is the President of the Thailand Mennonite Brethren Foundation, and the Regional Mobilizer for Southeast Asia, and Karen is the Founder and Director of the Abundant Life Home. The Abundant Life Home provides children who have been orphaned due to AIDS and are living with HIV with a loving home. Ricky and Karen are also involved in leadership development, missionary recruitment and church planting. Their vision is to see Asia reached with the Gospel. Thailand is their home base and Burma, Laos and Cambodia are areas of ministry and future locations.

Project #: C0106
Home Church: Butler Church, Fresno, CA
Birthdates: Ricky (February 7), Karen (October 17), Sierra (September 10, 1995), Tassanee (June 15, 1998), McKenna (November 1, 2000), Aree (October 11, 2002)

Prayer Requests:

  • For a growing movement of churches in SE Asia which will eventually impact all of Asia
  • For new Thailand MB Missionaries as they hope to recruit 10 new missionaries by 2020
  • For their Thai leaders as they continue to train & send them out!
  • For the Abundant Life Home; for health and safety for 28 children with AIDS/HIV and for university or job options as they finish high school. Pray also for continued vision to see this place become a discipleship/training facility
  • For the Thailand Mennonite Brethren Foundation (TMBF) as Ricky serves as Chairman. Pray for vision & wisdom
  • That a church-planting movement will continue amongst the Thai people
  • For the 15 MB Churches and for 10 new churches to be planted in the next 3 years

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