Warkentin, Melvin & Gudrun

Country: Paraguay

Gudrun and Melvin are preparing future leaders in indigenous churches and communities. As a high school teacher, Gudrun encourages spiritual growth in the lives of her students. Melvin trains indigenous believers at the Indian Bible Institute for ministry in their home communities and beyond. Their goal is to bring growth and stability to the indigenous churches through leadership training and Bible teaching.

Project #: C0416
Home Church: Dinuba MB Church, CA
Birthdates: Melvin (September 11), Gudrun (June 19)

Prayer Requests:

  • For a good enrollment of students that are open to spiritual growth
  • That churches would guide and nurture their graduates as they enter ministry
  • That God would provide Melvin and Gudrun with wisdom and love for their students
  • For their children as they pursue university studies away from home and discern God's will for their lives

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