New Missionaries

Listed below are new missionaries who are still mobilizing their support before beginning their assignments overseas.


Jason & Tifany Clark

Jason and Tifany come from Blaine, Washington. They attend Birch Bay Bible Church, where they are involved in leading Awana and teaching Sunday school. In preparation for long-term missions, they were enrolled in the Intercultural Studies program at Columbia Bible College. They home school their four children, Cayleb, Noah, Charity Ann and Sarah Rose. They are heading to Guadalajara, Mexico, on their Jornada assignment.

Project #: C0689



SF is originally from Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario. He recently graduated from the Intercultural Studies program at Columbia Bible College. While in Abbotsford, SF attended South Abbotsford Church and worked part-time for CBC as a resident leader, leading Bible studies and creating meaningful fellowship. SF went to Phuket, Thailand with ACTION Montreal in 2008 and returned to Thailand with the Fall TREK program in 2011-2012.

Project #: C0690


Cory & Masami Giesbrecht

Cory and Masami are from Winnipeg, Manitoba. Their home church is the Winnipeg Japanese Alliance, where they are both active with the leadership team. Masami is also involved with Alliance Women for Manitoba. Cory has a background in engineering. They are open to serving in any way that helps churches reach out to the poor and downtrodden. They have three boys, Joshua, Noah and Sola.

Project #: C0691


Doug & Deanna Hiebert

Doug and Deanna have a wealth of overseas experience. For five years, they were the Area Representatives for MCC in the Great Lakes Region of Africa. Deanna is a teacher and loves to work on projects that have an educational focus. Their home church is Cornerstone Community Church in Virgil, Ontario where Doug has been an associate pastor in charge of worship, life groups and missions. Deanna is involved in teaching children’s junior church. Together they lead a life group. They have three children, Madeline, Keza, and Avery.

Project #: C0692


Jill Ramer

In my 30’s I took the biggest step of faith of my life, MB Mission’s TREK program to Thailand. Already well into my career at a credit union and involved at my home church, this was a huge shift for me. On TREK, Jesus transformed my life, and opened my eyes to fully understand there were people in the world who have never heard the name of Jesus or know the hope that He gives. I am now on a new path that I believe is leading me into long-term global mission. We are currently discerning which global team I should join for the next three years. I appreciate your prayers and support.

Project #: C0693


Tyler & Cheryl Schulz

Tyler and Cheryl are life-long residents of Chilliwack where they are involved in various ministries at Central Community Church. Cheryl has her Bachelor of Science in nursing and served on a mission team to Mexico with Tyler in 2012 where they completed maintenance projects and interacted with staff and children. Although Tyler has had a successful career as partner in his accounting firm, God clearly spoke to him concerning mission, saying, “I have more in store for you, much more.” Together they have a genuine desire to share the Gospel with the least reached. Their children are Natalie Mae, Jillian Faith and Lauren Elizabeth.

Project #: C0694