Bon Berger

Hope is rising in a place of extreme brokenness, poverty, and disease. Bon Berger Clinic serves the poorest of the poor in the city of Kinshasa. Because these families struggle to afford the costs of health care, they are often provided with initial care for free. Additionally, a sewing centre for ladies and a program for children to learn how to read are other ministries that have been created to meet the needs for vocational training and education in this community.

God can do the seemingly impossible in a place where there are few opportunities for those who need it most. Although they have few resources, the MB Church in Congo is actively engaging with those who are hurting and are in need of the love of Christ.

This community is seeing Jesus at work through the Christ-filled doctors, nurses, teachers, and church members who help, equip, teach, and love them. They are a witness of God’s love and healing in this neighborhood.