C0737 Casa Caminata


Casa Caminata is designed to be a home for seven to eight young ladies who walk together in the ways of Christ throughout the course of a year. The young women are dedicated young believers, chosen by the local church to participate in the program. Alongside their jobs or university studies, each young lady is involved in house responsibilities, in church ministries, and in serving together with others in the house. Once they complete the program, they are asked to mentor and disciple other young believers who come to live in the house in the following year. Our vision is to make disciples who will make disciples.

Country: Peru

Project #: C0737

Needed: $29,300 (USD)

Casa Caminata is a women's discipleship house birthed through collaboration between the Peruvian MB conference and its missionary workers. Both saw huge needs for young women in the Peruvian MB Church to be taught the ways of Christ. The name Casa Caminata is Spanish for "house" (casa), and "a long walk or journey with someone" (caminata). Potential students are selected by their local pastor to attend the year-long program. Up to eight students can attend and live in Casa Caminata at one time.


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