C0438 Abundant Life Home


HIV/AIDS orphans are loved and cared for at the Abundant Life Home in Thailand. Support this ministry that takes in the vulnerable and marginalized of society.

Country: Thailand

Project #: C0438

Needed: $140,000 (USD)

Karen Sanchez works with the Thai Department of Social Welfare to provide orphans who are affected by HIV/AIDS with a loving home in a family environment. The Abundant Life Home provides for their medical costs, education, support for tutor and nanny salaries, food, rent, and maintenance of the homes and ALH. Land has been purchased and larger facilities are being built so that more children in need can have a home.

Your gifts can help in any of the following ways:

Facility Home for 6 children $60,000
  Furnishing one home $10,000
  Playground $20,000
Worship Keyboard $1,000
Health Hospital Stays (as needed) $200
  1 month kaletra medication/child $350
  1 month antibiotics/child $20
  2 dental visits/year/child $60
Education 1 month tutoring/child $60
  School uniforms/child $35

If you would like more information about the Abundant Life Home (ALH), please click here to email Karen Sanchez the orphanage director.

Please consider how you might become part of this project.