C0333 5n2 Ventures


In places where there is poverty and economic injustice, 5n2 Ventures resources small business entrepreneurs through income-generating loans. Invest in the training and support of local church members who have the vision, faith and initiative to reach their communities in a holistic way.

Country: DR Congo

Project #: C0333

Needed: $17,400 (USD)

The aim of 5n2 Ventures is to train and resource aspiring entrepreneurs within the Church. The goal is to see kingdom-oriented businesses take root which will allow churches to move out of dependency and support their own community outreach in a way that is natural and sustainable.

The Model:
The investment model is analogous to a venture capital fund. Funding is made available to small business entrepreneurs who meet certain investment criteria that ensure the highest chance of success.

Who we work with:
We are aiming to resource small business entrepreneurs where there is poverty and economic injustice.

We want to work with people who:
•    Have a missional heart for the poor and the lost.
•    Have a specific vision for social change in their community.
•    Have an income-generating business plan and proven skills to carry it out.
•    Have a history of financial stewardship.

Business ventures are carefully selected based upon:
•    The vision, track record and aptitude of the entrepreneur.
•    Market size and accessibility.
•    Sound economic fundamentals.
•    The potential for sustainable income.

The Process
1.    Seminars are offered in MB Churches on the topic of financial management, biblical stewardship and small business start-up.
2.    Potential loan recipients are located and evaluated during this training process. Also, MB Mission social partners will be motivated to encourage potential entrepreneurs in their Churches to join the seminar and apply for a loan as they stand to benefit from the relationship (see #6).
3.    A loan amount and repayment plan is established through an MB Mission agent.
4.    After a set period of time the entrepreneur begins to incrementally re-pay the loan.
5.    If the loan is repaid on time, the entrepreneur can re-apply for a second loan.
6.    After the second loan (or if there is no re-application following the first loan) the money is used to subsidize an MB Mission social project within their community.
7.    The entrepreneur is encouraged to put 10% of monthly earnings in savings.
8.    The entrepreneur must make financial reports quarterly, and payments annually.
9.    There is no interest on the loan.