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facebook, cafes and bibles in the middle east

facebook, cafes and bibles in the middle east

They share the Gospel through a facebook account. In a country without religious freedom, these two brothers in Christ are able to speak plainly about their faith. Although they use pseudonyms, they are able to connect with people online and offer encouragement.

Recently, one of their facebook contacts requested a face-to-face meeting. The two brothers prayed, understanding the risks involved. They had to ask the questions, “Is this man a true seeker? Is he a member of the secret police? Is he some sort of fanatic?”

Despite the risks, the two brothers felt at peace about arranging a meeting with the man. They asked him to meet them at a certain café in the city where he was to ask for someone named “S.” The two brothers went to the café and waited.

A little while later, a man entered and made his way from table to table, greeting every man in the café and asking for “S.” The brothers sat quietly and watched. Finally, the man came to their table, pulled up a chair and sat down directly in front of them. “Are you S?” he asked intently.

The two brothers listened as the man told them about how he had been seeking after Jesus and searching for a copy of the Bible. When he had contacted their facebook page, he had asked sincerely for a Bible, but in the meantime God had miraculously provided him with one from an unlikely source.

On a random visit to a friend’s house, he had discovered a full Bible in his language on his friend’s bookshelf! He was shocked as he had never seen a Bible in his country. When he asked his friend about it, the friend had said casually, “Oh, that’s the Christian book; it just sits on the bookshelf. I don’t need it. If you want it, you can have it.”

By a worker in a restricted area