There are dark places in this world where even a little light makes a huge difference.  The light gets brighter when teachers, engineers, pastors and business people are collectively bringing transformation to a community. Discover how MB Mission is shining to make a difference for Jesus.

Yesterday goes back to 1860 when the Mennonite Brethren were conceived as a missions movement.  Even before the first missionaries were ever sent to India, mission was in the DNA of this revival.

Today, MB Mission continues to shine brightly for Jesus across the world.  To date, MB Mission has sent more than 2,400 people as resident missionaries.  Thousands more have served on short term assignments and in partnership with other mission organizations.  God has greatly blessed this obedience in mission.  And the work goes on.

Tomorrow is just like today.  We follow Jesus and expect lives to be transformed.  Our prayer is that Jesus' light will shine brighter each day until the whole earth is filled with his glory.