Summer 2017

One Mission: National

One Mission: National

On a recent ministry trip to Lithuania, I was asked to speak to a gathering of church leaders on the theme of God’s healing for a nation. We reflected on the story of Rahab and the spies in Joshua 2 and the image of the scarlet cord in Rahab’s window on the wall of Jericho.

Praying for Nations

As we gathered to intercede for her, we grieved over her painful story. Her first husband had been powerful and dominating, and had controlled her completely.

Reconciling with First Peoples

An Interview with Lloyd Letkeman, Mission Mobilizer in Central Canada, by Mark JH Klassen


The moment I saw this little girl, I knew that I would never forget her. My husband and I met her in the market begging, and we invited her to join us for lunch. Her name was Asha.

Tell me a story

I’ve always loved stories, but only recently have I begun to realize how much of a storyteller God is and how important it is for us to use biblical stories to talk about him.


The young Iranian girl sitting next to me squints her eyes as I ask for her name. “I don’t speak French,” she apologizes in broken English. “I am only here since six days.”

Spring 2017

One Mission: Local

One Mission: Local

I love what my friend, Mark Wessner, from Westwood Church in Prince George, B.C., recently told me about how sponsoring a family from Syria impacted his church.

New Day

The Gospel has been among this people group in Asia for over 150 years, but the people have remained resistant to it. It has been a long season of breaking up hard ground and sowing seeds.

Among The Homeless

It began about thirteen years ago in Winnipeg. My older sister, Stephanie, had started living downtown with a group of Christ-followers who were intentionally building community with the poor.


I’m sitting in a train station in Paris, watching the trains come and go, and thousands of people on their way to make their connections at offices, airports, shops, churches, mosques, and homes.

Me and My House

My first house was a grass hut, deep in the jungles of Laos where the sun did not shine.

When We are Weak

A few days ago, our host here in Lithuania told us that his father passed away. In our weekly meeting, we cried together and mourned with our friend.

Helen's House

Her reputation preceded her. Long before I met Helen (not her real name), I had heard about her generous heart, her sharp business mind, and her passion for the work of the Gospel around the world.

Winter 2017

one mission

Embracing One Mission

Today, mission is from everywhere to everywhere.


My name is Safari, and this is how I learned the way of peace.

Jamal’s Questions

Several years ago, in a remote mountain valley in North India, a man from South India gave a Gospel tract to a young man named Jamal.

On Fire

She always sat at the back of the room during our church services, looking very smug and put together. She rarely spoke up.

If Only They Knew

People were streaming in, late-comers running to find a place in the sea of people, men at the front and women at the back.

I Need a New Boat

As a teenager in Myanmar, Maw Maw was known for stealing, drinking, smoking drugs, getting into fights, and running around with women. He was not interested in loving or caring for others at all. He was never willing to apologize or back down.

Taste and See

“As a kid, my family was a mess,” Mario Trujillo recalled his childhood in Pueblo, Colorado. “A lot of my birthday parties ended up in drinking and fighting.

Fall 2016

The uphill call of Christ

The Uphill Call of Christ

I recently received a phone call from a dad who was struggling with the cost of sending his young daughter on a short-term mission trip to Central Asia.

Always Smiling

Her name means, the one who is always smiling.

She rolled over on her cot and looked at me with huge eyes. I repeated my simple question, “What do you think about Jesus? Who do you think he is?”

Good Shepherd, Great Physician

In an email, Karen Hubert-Sanchez, long-term worker in Thailand, pleaded with her prayer supporters: “Would you commit to pray and fast with us for the life of our friend, Aram? She is having surgery on her liver, and the doctors are saying that she may not survive due to the high risk of hemorrhaging.”

Eight in the Bathtub

I wish you could have been there. Forty people packed into our living room, and eight courageous young believers ready to take the step of baptism.

The Sound of Peace in Burundi

“We are treated like pigs,” Jean Marie says of his people group, the Batwa in Burundi. “Often I feel like I don’t even exist in the eyes of others, like I’m not even human.”

Never Before

“I had never before met anyone like them,” Yaar said about a group of fourteen people from Kansas who were visiting Paris and staying at the hotel where he worked. “I used to watch them through the glass walls of the meeting room at the hotel during their devotions and prayer.”


They were watching.

From the sides, from the back, near the triple-locked gates, hugging the walls where barbed wire jabbed the inaccessible blue of a midday sky, mocking their lack of freedom. Watching us.