Summer 2015

Entering God's Story


Bashir is a member of a tribe in North Africa which comprises fifty percent of the country’s population. Despite the fact that slavery is officially outlawed in this country, current estimates state that four percent of the populace are enslaved, most of which are from Bashir’s tribe.

Pascal's Freedom in Chains

Recently, I went into a local prison to visit a friend of mine named Pascal. Six months ago, he was leading a church. Now he’s in prison. Six months is a long time to be in a horrible place through no fault of your own. The prison is crowded, dirty, and full of corruption.

More Than Clean Water in Sinai

“It takes a full day of travel for us to reach the community of Sinai,” explained Alan Foster, long-term worker in Panama, “which includes a four-hour journey in a four-wheel drive and then at least another three to four hours up the river in a dugout canoe.”

Guy Enters the Story of Jesus

I needed a helper. I was asked to organize the children’s ministry component for a family camp, and so I needed someone to help me tell the stories in Thai. I asked one girl, but she wasn’t available. Then I thought of Guy. When I asked her, she happily agreed.

Art's Adventure

When Art Loewen retired from teaching in 1999, he was ready for a new adventure. “I enjoyed my thirty-three years as a high school mathematics teacher, but I always had this dream of being involved in cross-cultural mission work overseas.”

Miracles in Another World

During my TREK assignment in Thailand, our team had the privilege to visit a remote tribal village high in the mountains of northern Thailand. We were taken there by Bin, our Thai teacher and good friend. It took more than a day for us to reach the village. It felt like we had arrived in another world.

Spring 2015

God's Story

Gods Story, Our Story

At a recent gathering of church planters in Central Asia, I heard a man named Dameer (not his real name) tell his amazing story. He grew up in Germany, the son of immigrants, and was a very angry young man.

Overcoming Kindness

“God, help us,” we prayed as we approached the village. “Only you can open a door!”

We had no idea of how God would do it.

Storytelling in Congo

Mama Mananga arrived at the seminar with a ready heart. She was eager to study the Bible with fellow believers.

Disappearing Zeros

We have charts with zeros on them, charts that are meant to keep track of how people groups in our region are being engaged by the Gospel.

facebook, cafes and bibles in the middle east

They share the Gospel through a facebook account. In a country without religious freedom, these two brothers in Christ are able to speak plainly about their faith. Although they use pseudonyms, they are able to connect with people online and offer encouragement.

Who Will Go?

“I never imagined that this war would be possible in my country,” says Roman Plechun, a self-employed plumber and active member of the New Hope Church in Zaporozhye, Ukraine.


No Bible

I felt naked without my Bible. I felt lost.

April's Journey

It was only nine months from diagnosis until death. We buried my mom in the same cemetery as her father.

Summer 2014

Proclaiming the Gospel

Manami’s New Courage

As a child, I had a big dream about being famous, and I took many expensive music lessons to make my dream come true.

Stories from Restricted Areas

A Dream of Clean Clothes and Young Translators and Lost Sheep

Freedom for Prisoners

I was fifteen when I was arrested. My boyfriend was thirty-five.

Messenger of Hope

An Interview with an Evangelist

Each with a Unique Calling

“I left my business because I felt a call to ministry,”

Fishing for People

Summer 2014 - Editorial

Spring 2014


Testimony of a Buddhist Monk

My name is Tashi and I was born in the Himalayan plateau. I come from a family of nomads.

God-Sized Dream

“At first, it was just an idea. Actually, it was a God-sized dream"

Time to Return to Africa

In 1994, I was sitting in a university classroom while genocide was ravaging Rwanda.

Resting, Listening and Submitting

An interview with Rudi Plett

Editorial: The Harvest is Now

Sometimes, God orchestrates interesting conversations when we least expect them.

Coffee with Knot and Koi

A TREK team arrived in Chachoengsao, Thailand, and discovered Koi’s Coffee, a small coffee shop in their neighborhood.