Summer 2014

Proclaiming the Gospel

Manami’s New Courage

As a child, I had a big dream about being famous, and I took many expensive music lessons to make my dream come true.

Stories from Restricted Areas

A Dream of Clean Clothes and Young Translators and Lost Sheep

Freedom for Prisoners

I was fifteen when I was arrested. My boyfriend was thirty-five.

Messenger of Hope

An Interview with an Evangelist

Each with a Unique Calling

“I left my business because I felt a call to ministry,”

Fishing for People

Summer 2014 - Editorial

Spring 2014


Testimony of a Buddhist Monk

My name is Tashi and I was born in the Himalayan plateau. I come from a family of nomads.

God-Sized Dream

“At first, it was just an idea. Actually, it was a God-sized dream"

Time to Return to Africa

In 1994, I was sitting in a university classroom while genocide was ravaging Rwanda.

Resting, Listening and Submitting

An interview with Rudi Plett

Editorial: The Harvest is Now

Sometimes, God orchestrates interesting conversations when we least expect them.

Coffee with Knot and Koi

A TREK team arrived in Chachoengsao, Thailand, and discovered Koi’s Coffee, a small coffee shop in their neighborhood.

Winter 2013

Living Mission Everywhere


In Acts 1:8, Jesus said, “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”


“God is crazy about lost people and he wants us to get in on the action,” said Bill Hogg, one of the presenters at the AWAKE weekend held in Waterloo, Ontario in September 2013.

Training and Team Health

During the past year of preparation, we’ve been reminded again and again that the missional impulse derived from Jesus is what drives the church; it’s not about our programs.

Mission Capacity Building

In Guadalajara, Mexico, two years ago, one of our teams planted a church in a neighborhood called Campo Real.

Church Planting

Is MB Mission ready for the future? Are we positioned for growth?

Re-Defining Partnership

It was after midnight when we arrived in Lima, Peru. We were tired after a long journey, and we didn’t know what to expect.

Fall 2013

The Beauty of Christ’s Bride

The Health and Beauty of the Bride

Earlier this year, I was struck again with the great variety within the church and with how much we are loved as Christ’s bride.

Serving Backstage

Early in the morning, the three of us boarded the ferry that would take us to the island. Awaiting us there was a hill with a small old church at the top.

Becoming Healthy

Marques Mente is a dynamic young leader in the Portuguese church and the pastor of the MB congregation in Loures, Portugal.

Working Together in France

God is at work among French Mennonites, and a group of churches is experiencing renewal.

Growing Strong

His name is Oak, like the tree. He’s six years old and lives in a slum in Thailand.

Overcoming in Vancouver

It’s not hard to tell when Cecil Ramos is excited.