Spring 2015

God's Story

Gods Story, Our Story

At a recent gathering of church planters in Central Asia, I heard a man named Dameer (not his real name) tell his amazing story. He grew up in Germany, the son of immigrants, and was a very angry young man.

Overcoming Kindness

“God, help us,” we prayed as we approached the village. “Only you can open a door!”

We had no idea of how God would do it.

Storytelling in Congo

Mama Mananga arrived at the seminar with a ready heart. She was eager to study the Bible with fellow believers.

Disappearing Zeros

We have charts with zeros on them, charts that are meant to keep track of how people groups in our region are being engaged by the Gospel.

facebook, cafes and bibles in the middle east

They share the Gospel through a facebook account. In a country without religious freedom, these two brothers in Christ are able to speak plainly about their faith. Although they use pseudonyms, they are able to connect with people online and offer encouragement.

Who Will Go?

“I never imagined that this war would be possible in my country,” says Roman Plechun, a self-employed plumber and active member of the New Hope Church in Zaporozhye, Ukraine.


No Bible

I felt naked without my Bible. I felt lost.

April's Journey

It was only nine months from diagnosis until death. We buried my mom in the same cemetery as her father.

Winter 2014

Celebrating God's Timing

Editorial - A Call to Overcoming

My friend Helen (not her real name) is one of the emerging leaders of the church in her country in Central Asia.

Henry's Courage

The other soldiers mocked him. Henry (not his real name) was only a young Christian when he began serving with the national military,


God is calling young lives into global mission!

Comfort for the Comforters

When Richard and Hazel Funk returned from Austria for a visit to North America early in 2014, their hearts were heavy with a mixture of joys and frustrations.

Beauty from Brokenness

A few weeks ago, while my husband was away, my children and I experienced an extreme wind storm. We live on the outskirts of the city, near open fields, so it is generally quite breezy. But this was different.

Friendship in Burkina Faso

“If I went to Burkina Faso for one person, it was Ruth.”


Missing My Friends in Peru

I’m amazed at how often I find myself in a daze, staring at the photos on my dorm room wall of my friends in Peru.


A young lady named Yaa was lying in a hospital bed in Pattaya, Thailand. She had tuberculosis and full-blown AIDS and was not expected to live through the night.

Waiting for God in Africa

Have you ever seen a child waiting quietly? Although it’s rare around our house, when it does happen, it’s a beautiful thing and it makes us as parents proud.

Fall 2014

Training: Are you making healthy disciples?

Weighing Disciples

Randy's Editorial


My father was an alcoholic. Therefore, my early childhood was scarred by pain and disappointment.

Put off Fear, Put on Courage

During my TREK training, God taught me something about confidence.

Transformation Among the Khmu

I grew up in a family that knew nothing about God.

Growing Leader, Growing Church

Mahmoud grew up in the Middle East in a strong Muslim family.

Discipleship in Mission

"there’s something about SOAR that keeps me coming back!”

Summer 2014

Proclaiming the Gospel

Manami’s New Courage

As a child, I had a big dream about being famous, and I took many expensive music lessons to make my dream come true.

Stories from Restricted Areas

A Dream of Clean Clothes and Young Translators and Lost Sheep

Freedom for Prisoners

I was fifteen when I was arrested. My boyfriend was thirty-five.

Messenger of Hope

An Interview with an Evangelist

Each with a Unique Calling

“I left my business because I felt a call to ministry,”

Fishing for People

Summer 2014 - Editorial